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Subsea Equipment System Overview.png

What are Subsea Trees?

Subsea Tree.png

Contains, Controls and Monitors fluid flow to and from the wellbore.

Tree Configuration Parameters

Tree Configuration Parameters.png
  • Production Bore Size
  • Operating Pressure (API Pressure Rating)
  • Temperature (API Temp Class)
  • Materials (API Materials Class)
  • Water Depth
  • Design Life
  • Chemical Injection
  • Downhole Lines
  • Insulation

Basic Subsea Tree Types

  • Similarities
    • Appearance
    • Equipment (valves, etc)
    • Control Systems

Horizontal - Captain

Subsea Tree Types - Horizontal 1.png Subsea Tree Types - Horizontal 2.png

Vertical - Strathspey


Configuration Comparison

Configuration Comparison.png Configuration Comparison - Horizontal.png

Horizontal Tree Installation Sequence

Horizontal Tree Installation Sequence.png

BOP is installed onto on the Wellhead and the drilling is complete.

  • Retrieve BOP
  • Install Horizontal Tree
  • Install BOP
  • Drill out cement plug
  • Install Tubing Hanger
  • Set Crown Plugs (Shown Right)
  • Retrieve THRT
  • Retrieve BOP

Tree Applications

Production/Injection & Options

Production-Injection and Options.png
  • Production
    • "Standard" Tree
  • Water-Injection
    • Provides reservoir drive
  • Gas-Lift
    • Requires additional connection, valve(s), and porting on tree valve(s)