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Jumpers Overview.png

Rigid Jumpers vs. Flexible Jumpers

Rigid Jumpers

Rigid Jumper.png

Flexible Jumpers

Flexible Jumper.png


Vertical Tie-In

Verticle Tie-In.png

Horizontal Tie-In

Horizontal Tie-In.png

Hydraulics on Running Tool

Hydraulics on Running Tool.png

Integral Hydraulics

Integral Hydraulics.png

Rigid Jumper Installation

Rigid Jumper Installation.png
  • Jumpered lowered nearby
  • Connector lowered over tree hub
  • Connector lowered onto tree hub
  • Connector latched to tree hub
  • Jumper pivoted over manifold hub
  • Connector lowered onto manifold hub and latched
  • Jumper soft landed and locked to hubs