Floating Hosts

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Types of Floating Systems

Types of Floating Systems.png

Emerging Concepts

Emerging Concepts - 1.png Emerging Concepts - 2.png

Alternatives for Deepwater

Alternatives for Deepwater.png

Types of Floating Platforms


  • SPAR
  • TLP - Tension Leg Platform
  • SEMI - Production Semisubmersible
Types of Floating Platorms - 1.png


  • FPSO - Floating Production Storage Offloading
  • FSO - Floating Storage & Offloading

Types of Floating Platforms - 2.png

Dry or Wet?

  • Dry trees are possible only where there is limited motion
  • Dry trees means easy access to trees - allows service to underwater lines (conduct pigging for example) if clogged
  • FPSOs move too much to allow dry trees - must use wet trees
  • Spars and TLPs are stable enough to use dry trees

Application Ranges

Application Range.png

History Data of Floaters

History of Data Floaters.png

Motions and Loads

Motion and Loads.png

Motion Characteristics

Motion Characteristics.png

Selection of Alternatives

Selection of Alternatives.png Selection of Alternatives - 2.png


Spars - 1.png
  • No storage
  • Small vertical motion
  • Dry trees
  • Several types
    • Classical
    • Truss
    • Cell

Truss Spar

Truss Spar.png

Mini TLP & Full Size TLP

TLP - 1.png TLP - 2.png

Production Semi

Production Semi.png



Installation & Marine Operation

Installation & Marine Operation - 1.png Installation & Marine Operation - 2.png Installation & Marine Operation - 3.png

Tahiti Spar

Tahiti Spar.png

FPSO Mooring Types

Mooring Type - 1.png
  • Spread moored
  • Turret Moored
    • Yoke to fixed structure
    • External to vessel
    • Internal to vessel
  • Dynamically positioned

Mooring Types - 2.png

Hull/Topsides Integration

  • FPSO - Shipyard Integration
  • Semi - Shipyard or Quayside Integration
  • TLP - Offshore Integration
  • Spar - Offshore Integration
  • Quayside integration requires lift capability, allows construction of topsides at convenient location
  • Offshore integration requires costly heavy lift vessel

Hull-Topsides Integration - 1.png Hull-Topsides Integration - 2.png